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How to get health insurance without a job or money

There is nothing worse than being unemployed or having a low income. There are so many things you can miss out on, some of the most important ones being health insurance and mortgage. You do not have to worry though, you can find an affordable health insurance policy if you look hard enough. Even though there are multiple options available, you have to be careful while reviewing your options. You should not take up a health insurance policy just because you qualify.

The key to finding a perfect low-cost health care insurance coverage is to take your time and shop around for the best plan. Keep in mind that there is nothing smooth about this journey

Private health insurance

In some communities or groups, people offer their insurance plans and policies to the members and residents.  These kinds of plans are affiliated to clinics and local hospitals in those specific areas. These deals come with a low premium and inexpensive medical treatments for those who are lucky enough. The community plans, however, do not cover any expensive treatments if you happen to miss the payments or you refuse to share the expenses with other people. Finding yourself private insurance coverage can be difficult, especially if it is nowhere near your area of residence.

Government health insurance

If you have recently lost your job or you are unemployed for several years you may be eligible to receive a government assistance programme, Medicaid is made for people who are below the poverty line. This means that if you are not covered under your family members you are eligible for the government assistant programme. Basically anyone living below the poverty line totally qualifies for this type of loan.

The consolidated omnibus budget reconciliation act

The cobra is not just for everybody. If you had this plan while you were previously employed, you are eligible to continue having the coverage under this.  If you have young adults and are still under the COBRA plan, they can continue having the coverage even when you are unemployed. This is one of the best health insurance options for people who have lost their jobs have to continue some serious treatments for long term illnesses.  The downside of this medical plan is that it is expensive and will take up a huge part of your savings if you are not careful enough.  The premiums will increase or stay the same depending on your expenses. The plan is however limited when you become unemployed.

Family health insurance plans

This affordable care act is perfect for people who have lost their jobs. The marketplace plans offer several health insurance options from uncountable healthcare providers. The government also includes huge subsidies that are meant to cover the medical expenses, deductibles and premiums.

The college health insurance coverage

Young adults and kids who are in college can use this health insurance. This low-cost health insurance is perfect for this group of people since they are unemployed. The plans are very affordable and should be able to cover most medical expenses and treatments.

Payday Loans are not the answer to health insurance. However, they can help you with a few small day-to-day bills that you need to repay.