About Us

Affordablehealthfla.comis an independent broker firmthat offers reliable and efficient health insurance services at an affordable price range. We have experienced insurance advisors who will explain you different policiesso that you can find a suitable cover at a profitable premium. Our highly experienced team provides our customers helpful service with specific knowledge. After receiving our customer’s enquiry, we send it to the trained broker of medical insurance who will then suggest you the best medical insurance coverage as per your situation and needs.

Why choose us?

Payment options– various options of payment are available on our portal so you can also get some discount on your health insurance policy from the choices. Our customers can choose payment method according to the currency choices. Customers can make their payment from their credit and debit card and bank transfer as well. We also offer a co-payment for managing the health insurance policy premium.

Emergency assistance– we are available around the clock and we also provide assistance in various languagesso; our customers can get an idea about their coverage and policies instantly. Our experts also manage customers claim quickly and inan effective manner.

Elderly coverage- we also offer policies for elder people like 75 years old and beyond this age. Our customers can also purchase the policies for their elder oneswithin their budget. Elder people are subjected to medical history but we feel highly proud to provide the medical coverage to elders as well.

Our team

Our team is highly experienced and professional in dealing with various medical insurance. They also understand our customer’s needs and provide the best policy to invest their money for securing their future. Our team also provides the entire detail of the plans in which our customer wants to invest their money. Professionals of our agency have a great experience in handling any kind of situation so we also provide claimof the policies as soon as possible.